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Girl, Make Up Your Mind

This book beautifully blends the world of makeup with personal development. In the book, you’ll find an inspiring journey through the chapters, cleverly structured around makeup bag essentials.


The "Transparent Me" Make Up Bag

A Luxe style bag, right-sized just to hold all the essentials that enhance the beauty of your authentic self. You’re beautiful, not perfect and you don’t have to be. This bag is your cute, cush and clear reminder.


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Get 20% Off Pink Lipps Cosmetics a brand that creates clean cosmetics that builds confidence, when you purchase the bundle.


Double Mentors

Michelle Gines, CEO Purpose Publishing

Kenyata Gant, CEO PinkLipps Cosmetics.

Two Purpose Driven Women, Two Powerhouse Brands, and One Powerful Message.

Girl, Make Up Your Mind

In this captivating and empowering book, Michelle Gines invites you to embark on a personal development journey like no other. Using makeup bag essentials as clever metaphors, each chapter takes you deeper into the art of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Cleansing the Beautiful Canvas: Learn to release the energy you've been wasting on past regrets and self-criticism and start anew on your path to success and self-love.

A Firm Foundation of No: Discover the transformative power of setting boundaries and learn how to say "no" without guilt, building a strong foundation for your personal growth.

Line Your Eyes, Eyes Don't Lie: Master the art of choosing your mood and setting yourself up for a good day, every day, regardless of life's challenges.

Blush Honey Hush: Ignite your self-confidence by silencing the voices of negativity and fear in your life, allowing you to shift your focus towards personal fulfillment.

Mind Your Mount Mascara: Uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back, and find the courage to clear the path to your joy and success.

Lipstick Shift: Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a mindset that empowers you to take action and achieve your dreams.

Fresh Face Forward: Gain clarity on what you truly want from life, set clear intentions, and attract your desires.

But there's more to this book than just words. Michelle complements her transformative insights with a real-life makeup bag. You can carefully fill with essential products designed to make you feel as beautiful outside as you're becoming inside.

Price: Book & Bag Bundle $35 (Regular $50)

Meet The Collaborators

Learn more from your guides to helping every Girl, Make Up Your Mind

Michelle Gines

CEO of Purpose Publishing

Michelle Gines, founder of Re-ImagineYOUniversity, is a Change Strategist, podcast host, author, coach, and speaker. With her background as the founder and CEO of the award-winning Purpose Publishing, she now focuses on helping individuals and organizations align with their purpose and achieve their goals through her MentorMe MG Program. Her work spans coaching professionals to Fortune 5000 companies on topics like business, technology, team motivation, and purposeful living. Michelle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and uses her experiences and client success stories to motivate and guide others toward impactful, influential lives. Originally from Kansas City, Mo, she and her husband Brian, married for over 25 years with three adult children, now live in Tampa, FL.

Kenyata Grant

CEO of PinkLipps Cosmetics

Kenyata's passion for beauty, influenced by her parents' entrepreneurial spirit in Kansas City, MO, led her to launch her makeup line in 2011 from her kitchen. Inspired by her mother, a cosmetologist of over 30 years, and her business-minded father, she embraced the beauty industry early on. Kenyata, a self-taught makeup artist, expanded her venture by selling her lip products to clients and, in 2016, opened The Pink Lipps Cosmetics Store. The store, staffed by a team of five, offers high-quality products and exemplifies Kenyata's love for makeup and entrepreneurship, a legacy of her family's business acumen.

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